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June 2015

Vol. 1, No. 5 Week of June 14, 2015

Three Forks, Halcon and Oasis stand out in Bakken stats

For a second consecutive week, a majority of the top 10 initial production volumes reported for Bakken petroleum system wells in North Dakota are from wells producing in the Three Forks formation ― seven of the top 10 IPs reported for the week coming from first bench Three Forks wells.

Leading this week’s list is Halcon Resources, filing as HRC Operating, which came in with the top two IPs at 2,760 and 2,397 barrels from upper bench wells in the McGregory Buttes field in central Dunn County and in the Antelope field in far northeast McKenzie County (see map this page).

A total of 24 IPs were reported to DMR between June 2 and 8, well below the 40 reported during the previous week and well below the weekly average of 42 thus far in 2015. The 24 IPs averaged 1,300 barrels beating the running average of 1,182 barrels for the 899 IPs reported thus far in 2015.

Forty-nine well permits were issued in North Dakota between June 2 and 8, the highest number of permits issued since mid-April, more than twice the 22 permits issued the previous week and above the 2015 average of 44.5 permits per week. McKenzie County received the most permits at 21 followed by Williams at 18, Mountrail at seven and Divide at three.

Oasis Petroleum was issued 14 permits for wells in the Camp and Siverston fields in McKenzie County, the highest number of permits issued to any operator during the week.

The full story and the entire weekly Bakken stats are available at the following link:

- Mike Ellerd

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